About Us

MyBaby Hospital has highly qualified newborn specialists who have vast experience in their respective fields. They follow unique approach to medicine that make them the most sought after paediatricians. It is a well-equipped child specialist hospital with state-of-the-art facilities. We always try to make available all the high quality paediatric services at our hospital.

We also have a team of allergy asthma specialists who provide best treatment & medication as per the patient’s condition & requirements. We also offer the services related to eye allergy, stinging insect allergy, allergy screening test etc. We have earned positive feedback and successful results over the years.

The utmost care and all kinds of medical help to infants, children and adolescents has been provided by our expert doctors and consultants at very genuine costs. Furthermore, our hospital is backed up by the well-trained & supportive staff, innovative procedures and efficient system. We always aim to cater the needs of people and help them to live a good & healthy life.